Sonia used to come home in "M" plated cars, sheriffs cars, and Federal Government cars after spending a few hours in hotels with different men.

At that time she said that they were in computer school with her and she said the money she was bringing home was payment from the petty cash drawer of the Cook County State's Attorneys office.

Sometimes up to $500.... from petty cash ?
Twice she came home with bruises, once I had to go pick her up at 1 AM at a strip mall on Halsted Street and I-80 where some one dumped her another time she said she was attacked and her purse was stolen.
And you think Oakland has a problem with cops and sex ?


Is this how a silly old hag is supposed to flirt ?   And it gets worse, she giggles like a silly teenager after this !



When this was going on she said that she was attending computer classes

but in reality she was taking her coworkers and investigators to hotels so she could have sex with them.